IAN data-assistant at your service!

Have you ever had challenges with getting transformed one data to another database? How about combining various data and information from many systems? Do you get essential data visible for your business decision making purposes? Our personal data intelligence IAN is here to help you! With help of IAN you can have your own smart data assistant in use to help with daily routines or more complex and time consuming work tasks. IAN does not require a lot of orientation for work, he can monitor and follow-up while you are working and learn himself immediately IAN data-Assistant consist of: 1 Data-Assistant robot script for your computer 1 FrontOffice robot Uipath Trial Version (2 months) 1h time for monitoring your job, documentation and software testing instruction for IAN 4h IAN programming 1h IAN demo and question hour IAN the Data Assistant Maintenance Kit, examples of tasks, service models, and «Do and Dont's» descriptions Lightweight and Agile one day data assistant SaaS Service Do you want to reduce the load on data transmission, congestion peaks and routine tasks, thereby improving your own or your staff work wellbeing?

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