Palkeet to expand highly successful software robotics cooperation with NORIAN

NORIAN and Palkeet, the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR, are expanding their successful cooperation aiming at automating business processes with software robotics. Palkeet has begun introducing software robots in fall 2016. This was the first major Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation in Finnish public sector. The project is part of a wider digitalization initiative by the Finnish government aiming at saving taxpayer money, improving service quality and improving workplace environment with innovative approaches and technology.

During the first phase of the project, Intelligent Automation by NORIAN, Palkeet’s software robotics partner, has enabled the organization to build its own scalable robot environment and center of excellence. NORIAN’s automation specialists are responsible for robot implementations, continuous support and advisory and training Palkeet’s staff to become self-sufficient RPA experts. Aiming at saving EUR 6 million and up to 116 FTE (full-time equivalent) of manual work until 2020, the results have exceeded expectations, prompting Palkeet to announce the continuation and expansion of their cooperation with NORIAN.

“18 months into the cooperation with NORIAN, our robots are already of great help in payroll, procurement, finance, accounting, data processing and invoicing,” says Helena Lappalainen, Development Director of Palkeet. “By introducing software robots and optimizing our internal routines, we have increased our efficiency by 35 percent in invoice processing and by 29 percent in payroll. An extraordinary achievement.” she adds.

“Therefore we are now extending the scope of our automation initiative and our cooperation with NORIAN. Now we will look into automating aspects of customer service, administration and ICT processes,” Lappalainen continues.

“We are very pleased that software robotics has turned out to be such a positive game changer for Palkeet. Our experience shows that any organization can become more efficient by automating their processes. On average our customers are seeing a positive return on invest after six months already,” says Knut Anders Opstad, CEO of NORIAN Group. “Robots are capable of handling routine tasks 24/7 without breaks, but they are no substitute for humans. Instead, they free up time so that humans can focus on more complex and value adding tasks,” Opstad continues.

“Because RPA has been such a success for Palkeet, we are now discussing with them how to further enhance the capabilities of their robots,” says Tiia Turkki, Head of Intelligent Automation by NORIAN. “In addition, we are continuously improving our cloud-based automation service which is available to all our customers by introducing new technologies, such as machine learning and advanced data analytics. I think right now we are only seeing the beginnings of what will be possible with intelligent automation in the future,” Turkki summarizes.

About Palkeet

The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) is a provider of group services in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance. Their staff, consisting of approximately 650 professionals, provide finance and HR services for central government agencies, departments and funds, as well as state-owned businesses and fully state-owned limited companies that provide services for the Finnish government. In addition to this, they also serve approximately 73,000 individual government employees. Read more on their website.